INMA World Congress 2017 is the annual event of the International News Media Association and is an essential event for anyone in the news media business.

The upcoming event will be held on May 21-23, 2017 in New York City.

INMA, the organizer of the conference is a world-leading provider of methodologies and strategies for news media companies, which makes this conference a major cornerstone for strategists and audience builders from all notable news media companies worldwide. The conference also includes a pre-conference study tour of New York media companies, starting on the 18th of May right up to the beginning of the conference.

This could be a great opportunity to learn from the best in the industry how they run their operation.

Connect With The Industry’s Finest

The INMA world congress is a diverse event with attendees from over 40 different countries, making it an ideal event to enrich your network with new and unique contacts from all around the globe. The sessions will be led by top-tier speakers from dominant news media companies, including Forbes, The Washington Post, Bild, Bloomberg Media, Hearst and more. The conference has  noteworthy sponsors including Facebook, Google, Bloomberg, Pressreader, CCI Europe, Chartbeat, OwnLocal, Content Insights, EidosMedia, PageSuite, Tecnavia, and Viafoura.

What’s On The Agenda

One of the most significant topics on the conference agenda is how to deal with the global growth of ad blocking, which has been a grave concern for publishers of all kinds. This will include a talk by professor Thales Teixeira from the Harvard Business school titled “The Third Wave of Digital Disruption and a Recipe to Fight It” which will review disruptive patterns such as ad blockers and provide insights for potential solutions for publishers.

Ad blocking is no minor phenomenon, with AdBlock Plus passing the 500 million downloads last year and continuing to grow exponentially. According to the Ovum research team, ad blockers will cost publishers over $35 billion by the year 2020. At Uponit, we help online publishers regain the ad revenue lost to ad blockers to keep that number from growing even further.

Stay Up To Date

It seems as if the world is constantly changing around publishers’ heads, with new cutting edge technologies and promotion strategies coming into play one after the other. The conference will discuss all the latest technologies and explore the way they can be used by news and media organizations for their advantages. You should check out Google’s presentation on how technology can empower journalism and demonstrating how their different tools can be used for this purpose.

Other prominent tech trends which the conference will cover are Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, perhaps the biggest buzz words out there, and for a good reason. Reg Chua from Reuters and Gary Liu from South China Morning Post will shed light on how leading media companies use these technologies to make the most of their data and perfect their impact on their audience.

Get Inspired

On the business side, Mike Federle from Forbes Media, Michael Friedenberg from IDG and Anthony Tan from Singapore Press Holdings will present their view on the strategies to diversify revenues away from your core. This session can  provide you with new insights and ideas for how you too can expand your revenue stream by exploring new areas.


INMA world congress 2017 will take place at TimesCenter, New York between May 21-23, 2017.

At the conference, there will be top industry speakers and sponsors, with hundreds of attendees from over 40 countries, representing the top news and media organizations. Conference attendees will receive an in-depth review of today’s trends and innovations and leave with practical ideas for promoting and upgrading their organizations as well.

The latest agenda and conference information will be on the event’s website

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