MediaXchange 2017 is the largest annual event of The News Media Alliance and as such is a cornerstone event of the industry.

This year, MediaXchange will take place between April 30th and May 3rd in New Orleans, LA

The News Media Alliance is a non-profit organization stationed in Washington D.C. comprised of close to 2,000 news organizations from the US and Canada. The members of The News Media Alliance vary from large international newsgroups to local news outlets, publishing on all platforms. Thanks to the diversity of its members, The News Media Alliance has an extensive view of the news media industry, its challenges and its needs, making the MediaXchange conference relevant for various types of organizations.

What’s On The Agenda

This year, the conference will focus on several timely subjects. The first is audience development, discussing best practices to turn your visitors into subscribers. Another major topic is new platforms for content, dealing with fresh ways to deliver your content further and more efficiently than ever. A vital issue relevant for all participants is leadership and culture, examining how to lead a news media organization amidst constant changes and create the best productive culture which will inspire innovation.  

A crucial topic the conference will spotlight is revenue. This section will review new potential revenue streams beyond the world of print and digital. In addition, it will tackle ad blocking, a significant concern for all publishers today. Ad blocking adoption rates are growing faster than ever, with mobile ad blocking adoption rate increasing even faster. Since mobile devices are accumulating a large share of users’ internet usage, this information should be brought into serious consideration. At Uponit, we help online publishers regain the ad revenue lost to ad blockers to keep that number from growing even further.  

Meet The Who’s Who

The conference will be packed with expert speakers on every possible subject. The keynote speakers are noteworthy industry veterans including Mitch Joel, a rising star in the digital marketing world, Jonathan Perelman, former VP at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and former global lead for industry relations at Google and Paul Taylor former VP at the Pew Research Center. The event is sponsored by a long list of well-known establishments such as CNN Newsource, Google, Facebook, Monster, The New Orleans Advocate, the Alliance for Audited Media, the Cox Media group, USA Today Network and many more.

One of the event’s highlights are the advertiser meetings, which will allow for news organizations and advertisers to meet and get to know one another. This is an excellent opportunity to widen your network and acquire new crucial contacts. So far, nearly 40 top-tier advertisers and agencies have confirmed their participation.

Where To Be

Among the dozens of fascinating presentations, there are a couple we recommend the most. The first session is called “Proven Strategies for Building Reader Engagement & Retention” headed by Heather Williams, Regional VP for Audience Development at McClatchy, and Rich Handloff of The Washington Post who will focus on how engagement can be leveraged to create retention. The second session titled “Acquiring the Right Audience to Maximize Profitability” will discuss proven data-driven strategies for building audiences and increasing your revenue stream.


MediaXchange 2017 will take place at Marriott French Quarter, New Orleans between April 30 – May 3, 2017.

The conference will include top industry speakers representing the top news and media organizations. Conference attendees will have a chance to learn about the pressing issues of the industry and how to confront them in the most efficient manner. The conference is organized by The News Media Alliance and sponsored by leading organizations.

The latest agenda and conference information can be found on the event’s website.

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