The Global impact of Adblock cost us 1614$ each second:

Advertiser? you have new opportunity to reach users you were not accessible so far
Publisher? you lose money everyday!
Blocking users with Anti Adblock message has been proven as a solution with negative impact.
we have a solution for you
Let us bypass AdBlockers for you..

About us

Our mission is to become a game changing impact player, which will help the online advertising market become more efficient, profitable and will serve as socially beneficial for users and publishers facing the ad blocking threat

Our Team is bringing about the entrepreneurship and technological knowhow required for the mission.
As former members of an IDF cyber elite unit with bold and creative "out of the box" thinking.

The Team

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    Gal Glikman


    Sometimes I feel like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor & Hulk are working next to me.

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    Ariel Krisspel


    It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

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    Edan Bedrik

    VP R&D

    Big data, Monetization, Real-time, Cyber, Cloud, Cybernetic Space, More buzzwords that make everyone happy ..

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    Ailon Sabag


    Once, my TV didn't work, so I kicked it. AND it started working again.

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    Yarden Mitrani


    Don't worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.

What We do

Uponit created an enterprise scale platform, which allows publishers to regain their revenues
they are losing due to ad blockers (about %30).

By using our unique technology, we detect AdBlock addons in real-time and act immediately.
we can bypass any AdBlocker !

Publisher, you are a step away from an impact increase of your revenues.

Content Production

Creating most powerfull content


Decide past & future before develop


With standard and proper way

Design & UX

Make it easy for mind and surf

Social network

Decide past & future before develop

App Develop

With standard and proper way