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Uponit is the most sophisticated ad recovery platform today.

We help online publishers measure and restore their blocked ad inventory

and communicate with their adblocking audience.

stop adblock

Working with the Acceptable Ads

Ends cat and mouse chase

ad recovery

Recovers all ad campaigns

Ad server and segmentation support
Full pixel tracking and cookie support

adblock bypass

Improved UX

20%-30% faster page loads
40% bandwidth savings on video ads

cross-platform adblock ads

Triple Cross

Desktop & mobile web
All browsers
All major ad blockers

adsense adblock

Supports All Programmatic channels

Working with all of the biggest SSP’s and with a full GAM support.

non intrusive adblock ads

Fast Integration

Non-intrusive, client side only
Seamless to your ad ops and advertiser partners
All configurations on Uponit’s side

We Believe in Fair Play

Free, high quality content has a price.

​Fair play balances between users’ right to expect a good and safe browsing experience and publishers’ right to control their online business, including the ad experience they provide.

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Uri Rozen

Since our online business is 100% ad-based, we were increasingly concerned by the growing effects of ad blocking, which reached 33% of our pageviews. As Israel’s leading entertainment portal, we sell the majority of our ad space directly, and Uponit is the only solution which allowed us to keep our ad business running without interruptions. Using Uponit’s solution, we’ve been able to offer our regular display campaigns to ad blocking users since June 2016 and have recently begun serving them with video ads as well. We are constantly seeing similar engagement and retention levels. Our advertising partners are also very happy with the results.

Uri RozenCEO Mako at Keshet TVMako
Yossi Aviv

Since December 2015, Uponit has been helping us monitor and restore our blocked ad inventory. The Uponit service and team are world class. Integration to the Uponit service was really fast and easy and we have been able to consistently serve 30% more ads, without any distractions. As user experience is important to us, with Uponit we were able to improve page load times and preserve user engagement at all-time high.

Yossi AvivVP Digital & CTO, JPostJPost